Heron/ Songs of Flesh/ Kajal Stick and Powder(Flights, issue 1)

a spell for galaxy girl (Coven Poetry, issue 2)

Like the First Bird (Allegories and Analogies, issue 4: Rejuvenation)

at home/ at work (Streetcake, issue 72, part one)

Let Santa Teresa Guide you to the Mystery (Nymphs, April 2021)

Apocrypha‘ (Cape Magazine, Issue 2)

In Our Lady We Trust(Mooky Chick, September 2020)

t h e s u r f a c e’ (Streetcake, issue 68, part one)

‘Calypso, Onshore’ (Black Flowers, Volume 6)

‘(I Blame) My Shoes (Magma 37)


Pages Penned in Pandemic Blog (March 2021)

Fly on the Wall Shorts Season 2021 ~Meet the Authors’ (January 2021)